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Hi, great to have you here, Dropshopee associate gladly sharing the best of online revenue for laptop lifestyle or just wannabe at home mom or dad. 2018 where most mom and dad stay home and yet paid bills. Balancing Family and online business can do by clicks on the kitchen table in PJ. Thanks to technology that brought the impossible to realities.

Unfortunately, the ugly behind the wonderful life of online moneymaking do exists. Many have wasted dozens of time and thousands of dollars to realise the dream, unfortunately turn to be nightmare.

The beauty is in knowledge and investment of efforts if not with big dollar.

Let us begin with blog as Second after having Domain which to be control by you.

Anyone can write a blog, but not just anyone can write a blog that will be pulling in the viewers and gaining you those much-needed hits and ultimately leading to sales. If you are a work at home running an online marketing business, you need to understand the importance of blogging. It is a crucial element to running a successful business. So, what to do? Let me share with you a few hints, which will help bring your blogging alive and kick start your online presence.

Be interesting

Now, for some this might seem to be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised and as if I am sure you all do, I too read countless blogs and some of them, to be frank, are remarkably dull.

Sometimes we are caught-up in trying to post as many blogs as possible and then we lose that crucial spark. A boring blog post is a wasted blog post, but creating something fresh, new and informative is the perfect opportunity to attract much-needed traffic to your site. Think about what you would like to read yourself and you cannot go far wrong.

It is all about reputation, and the only way you can achieve status as an expert in your field is to demonstrate that. Create first-rate content offering solutions, ideas and more and your readers are hooked and engaged, exactly what you need.

Be regular

I would suggest the ideal situation is to post on the same day (or days) each week, preferably at the same time. If you are setting into a timetable to write the posts. More than likely your readers will come to expect them and if they know some new exciting content is on its way on a Tuesday at 10 am, then perhaps they will head over to your site to check around that time, or they will open their RSS Feeds at some point too.

If you are still a fledgling site then you will want to post as much as possible, but do not flood your readers. There is a fine line here, you do not want to be posting endless dreary content but then at the same time if your posts are sporadic and half-hearted then you risk alienating readers too. It is up to you to establish what is appropriate, but just strike up a rhythm, and see what works best for you and your viewers. Every other day is a great place to start.

Be well informed

I cannot emphasise enough just how crucial keywords are to your articles and posts. A few minutes of efficient, useful keyword research can plug you into the massive traffic arriving through search engines, and furthermore, it is not just limited to your new posts.

Think about it, if you are using appropriate keywords in all your posts, then there is a real likelihood that a casual browser on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the other search engines might just stumble across your article. If they like it, then maybe they will hit that crucial subscribe button. After all, what is the harm in trying? A small amount of effort can reap huge rewards over a long period if you get this right.


Be vocal

Nobody wants their blog to be one in a sea of other blogs, so you need to make yours stand out from the crowd. High quality articles goes some way, but it is up to you to use your Facebook page, your Twitter account, YouTube and other social media to get yourself heard. If you can make interesting comments on other people content, too then again it will raise your profile. I am not talking about you hijacking a post with blatant spam linking to your own page. Be a real person, make some insightful comment and perhaps somebody will have the presence to click on you and have a look around.

Like it or loathe it, online you are always presenting yourself, and there is no reason why you should not harness this power to your own advantage as a business.


So, what now?

Blogging, as we know, is a perfect way to demonstrate your talents in your field, so persevere with it. If you’re a work at home mum running your own online marketing business then it’s crucial you understand the importance of getting your blogging right and hopefully, these tips will help you on your way. Remember these tips each time you are writing and you will start seeing results in no time. I wish you success.


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